(University project)
This is an infographic based on a research report on the study of refugees in Australia. The Specific cultural group chosen was Syrian refugees. To design a tangible product for the specific group to assist with the refugees settling into Australia.
About the project
The product I created is a mobile phone app which aims to combat the education gap of Syrian refugee children when arriving and integrating into the Australian education system. 

During the research stage I found that the Syrian refugee crisis is the largest displacement of our time affecting 17.6 million people. Therefore, disrupting the formal education of millions of children. I focused on education as a pain point and aimed to increase the accessibility of finding useful information. Since moving to a foreign country and having to learn in a different environment can be extremely stressful and difficult. Problems can arise in these circumstances, such as language barriers which can cause social isolation. This can then leave the person at a disadvantage when participating in classes.

​​The strategy I have come up with is a virtual platform to connect the refugee students with volunteers or university students registered with the program. The app would be split up into age/ school levels which would overall allow the cross-cultural exchange of teachings. I chose to design and prototype an app since phones are now a universal tool that people can find comfort in, when in new places. Additionally, it makes the product able to be in multiple different languages with ease and have the safety of having a university or school to accept the tutors and student’s registration. Each heading would also have helpful icons to direct the student through the app when first using. The reason to include profiles are ways to boost the ease of communication between students and tutors from the same background. 
Services provided
App Design made with Adobe XD

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