Here acknowledges the birthplace of ideas across many creative fields. It seeks to ensure that the provenance or history of these creative contributions will not be lost. Here seeks to provide the passer-by with a sense of where ideas have been born and cultivated. These areas include houses, cafés, bus stops – pretty much any public space that may have been the starting point for ideas. The ideas include where authors have penned their books, theatre playwrights had observed characters, painters and sculptors have captured scenes, significant designers have had their creative influence etc.
(University Project)
About the project
This outline of this project was to develop a suite of material that reinforces a cultural link between place and ideas. To design an overarching typographic identity system for the Here name. 
The final design relates to the context markers as it encapsulates the theme ‘here’ by making the marker out of the typeface branding. It adds an element of simplicity as once an interaction is made the context is clear to the user when they see the ‘H’ shape represents art ‘here’ around Melbourne. Overall, I was able to successfully create an identifiable symbol that would link, HERE, 'birthplace of ideas' exhibition through an interactive marker and map system. 
Services Provided
Style Guide
Map Design
Website Design
3D Model of Marker 

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