Featuring in Adytum's exhibition of Material Subjects
December 2020
(University project)
To Design and construct a Seating prototype using only one manufacturing process. Focusing on exploration and experimentation, students will design and construct an experimental seating prototype (stool) through the utilisation of a single manufacturing process. To explore new and novel ways materials can be expressed in the form of a simple functional object.
Rolling Steel is the outcome of a process driven exploration of bending sheet material. The idea is to use one piece of sheet metal, the ability for dual usage; storage as well as a chair and incorporating more than one type of bending process. I was then introduced to the sheet metal roller and wanted to make an organic yet stable shape.  
The material I ended with was galvanised steel, which was 2100mm by 400mm and 1.5mm thick. The overall process I used was using the folder machine for the first two sharp bends, which ends up being the center divider. Then using the roller for the remaining bends, giving it the nice flexible finish and shape. Finally, using four pop rivets to secure in place the chair is extremely stable. ​​​​​​​
Prototype 1

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